Helloooo Lovely Ladies! We’re in a new year. Which for most people means committing to some stressful “I gotta do better” resolution or two. Not for moi and not para tu either! Nope, this year chicas we are planning nuthin’ but fun-Pink Elephant Fabulous Resolutions.  So, as you create those vision boards, throw some images on them from any or all of the five fab things you can aspire to do this year to bring out your inner fabulosity goddess:


  1. Get Cookin’ –This was on my list last year and I loved it so much I added it again – take cooking classes. You can try a class in your neighborhood or in Nice; or you can do both! Last year I learned how to make pasta from scratch (yum! And soooo easy) and how to stuff a pork roast. Classes don’t have to be expensive. You can take one or a series. At your local mall, community college or in a specialty kitchen. Alone, with your girls, or with your boo (my third date with my now hubby Al was a cooking class at Sur la Table https://www.surlatable.com/browse/storeCalendar.jsp?storeId=126 and oh boy did it heat things up for us!). The point is, get out of your comfort zone and try adding some sizzle to your life via the kitchen.


  1. Learn another language – Aps, I love them! When we were headed to France I downloaded Duolingo https://www.duolingo.com/ It’s pretty easy and fun to use. And it’s FREE! Although I wasn’t fluent by the time we got to the French Riviera I was able to at least ask the basics (like how much is this on sale for?!). Download it TO-DAY, momma, and get your tongue waggin’ in a new mother tongue. (By the way, why not add getting your DNA tested and see if that motivates you to learn the language from your newly discovered motherland!)


  1. Commit to More Sex! – Oooh wee, we added this to our New Year’s resolutions list last year and honey, I’m here to tell you – IT IS WORTH ADDING IT AGAIN! (Check out my relationship post when I teach you how to become a Sex Star.) But if you’re more chaste than you care to be (poor communication with a partner? No partner? Afraid to use a few good toys?) start tackling what’s holding you back in this area because you deserve to live an orgasmically happy life! It casts everything else in your life with a warm, rosy glow. Commit to having a set number of intimate moments a day, week, or month. Now THAT’S a fun goal worth sticking with! AND it burns calories too.


  1. Get Skin-tastic – Last year I committed to going to the spa and getting a facial once a month. Previous years I’d only said I would do this. But months and months would go by and nary a visit would I make. But once I joined Bliss Spa’s $99 monthly membership club https://www.blissworld.com/ and made a point of booking the third Saturday or Sunday of every month for a facial I was no longer talking about it. I was actually doing it! It was that simple. And if you have been putting off going to a dermatologist like it’s a luxury for other folks, don’t do that. All skin needs care. Even us melanin enhanced girls. Check out moles, unidentified dry patches, how to get rid of your acne scars (I tried microneedling – whew, I’ll tell you about THAT in another post). I love my dermatologist Rosmarie Ingleton. She’s based in New York. And ya’ll know I live in Chicago. So she MUST be special if I make the trek East to see her, right? She is. You’ll love her too. Tell her I sent you. But before you go check her out: http://ingletonmd.com/ If you need to set aside some cash because your insurance doesn’t cover your visit, then get to goaling for dewey, rosey and healthy skin.  You are so worth it.


  1. Box, Box Baby – Got some holiday aggression still pent up? Box. Need more sweat than what yoga has given you? Box. Want to feel like a bad-ass?? BOX! Got a boss you can’t stand and can’t hit him in the nose because your behind will get fired and (arrested)? BOX! BOX! BOX! I signed up last year at the Title Boxing Club in Chicago, I got myself some hot pink boxing gloves and man did I feel empowered after each class! Give it a try. Warning: you will feel better!

Ok, there’s five. All fun. All fabulous. All yours for the trying. Let me know if any of them work for you or if you have other great resolutions that will be fabulously fun for us to try this year.


  1. Good stuff Cheryl. I didn’t take a cooking class, but I started ordering Home Chef to be delivered to my house. Really enjoyed cooking delicious home meals instead of constantly eating out. Opened my husband’s mind to eating new foods he wouldn’t otherwise touch with a 10 ft fork. And we’d take turns cooking.

    1. I love those food services! You are right, they do open you up to new experiences. Too many of us get caught up in the routine of life and rarely push ourselves to experience new things. Kudos to you doing the Home Chef thing and to your HUSBAND for going out there on the food ledge with you! lol.

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