Cheryl's Bio

About Cheryl Grace

Powerful Penny LLC was founded by successful corporate executive Cheryl Grace (formerly Cheryl Pearson-McNeil). Cheryl has taken bumps and bruises on her professional and personal climb toward success and landed precisely where she wanted to be – in control of now and what happens next. Able to look back at her ascent and smile, the stylishly smart, witty but always kind career mentor and lifestyle guru brings sass, brash and a never take no for an answer mindset to the Powerful Penny books, workshops and lecture series she created just for you to push you to your next best level.

With Cheryl around you’ll try harder at becoming the person you know you really can be. She never yells at you, but she scares you just a teeny-tiny bit. Because you know if you disappoint her you’ve really disappointed yourself. She’s always practical, but can be a little over the top at times. She is always dressed to the nines, looks fabulous no matter how much she weighs or how old she is. She always has her stuff together. But when she doesn’t, she’s not afraid to share that side of herself either! That’s what makes her so special – she’s fabulously real, and unexpectedly down-to-earth. She puts you instantly at ease with her candid, relatable style. She understands that sometimes you will get kicked in the teeth. But it’s how you choose to react to the circumstances delivered to you that make you a great, confident person – even in the face of adversity.

Cheryl will be the first one to tell you, “honey, life is gonna’ happen to you, otherwise you are not alive, (as in dead!). So put on your big girl panties and let’s deal with this situation with tenacity, a bit of humor and a heavy dose of kindness.

“For me, Powerful Penny is more than a brand. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a mindset of choosing to own my power with every simple choice I make each and every day. But I had to learn the simple art of making good choices. The hard way. I attribute the hard knocks I took along the way as part of my secret sauce for the successful well-balanced woman that I am today. But lawdy, I would have happily skipped some of them if I could have! That’s why I founded Powerful Penny LLC and launched this website. To help others bypass some of the ass-kicking I had to endure to get here.”

Powerful Penny's Mantra

I Believe:

In Eating Pink Elephants.

I Always:

Trust My Gut and Authenticity

Am Continuously Tenacious
and Thankful

Am Kind and Use My Power
for Good

Look My Fabulous Best
No Matter What