DIVA - Headhunters calling you


If you’re working your butt off being the Diva you are, then YES, headhunters should be calling you. Because that means that you are marketable and visible. For the rest of you Divas not getting those calls, you’ve gotta get your hustle on and sizzle up your game. For most of you, getting in shape will be fairly easy and will take only a few steps that maybe even your assistant can help you with. To get started here are some factors to consider that will help you know why headhunters aren’t calling:

Do you come recommended?

Back in March we talked about building your posse or your personal board members. Is your Diva crew out there promoting you whenever possible? You should be on the tip of the tongues of those power movers so that when something fabulous comes up (whether you’re actively looking or not), your name is quick to be thrown out for recommendation.

Is your online game crappy?

If you’re of the mindset that LinkedIn is a waste of time, your mindset is wrong. If your profile on LinkedIn isn’t up to date and chock full of key words that include your job title, some competitive brand names, and core responsibilities, then sorry, sister, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Make a plan to get on the site and get your online game on and poppin’ so that headhunters can not only find you, but also find you competitively irresistible. While you’re at it, do a Google check. Google yourself and see what comes up. Make sure anything relevant to your career is there and things like naked beer slides in college aren’t. (No side eye, but you know … this is your career we’re talking about.) Also, review your social media presence. If your Instagram is on brand with your career, great! If it’s about your weekend shenanigans, think about making it private.

You’re harder to find than Waldo!

I get it—you’re a top level executive, you don’t want to put all your business out there, but if you don’t put something out there, headhunters can’t find you. A great way to get visible is to get booked on industry panels, or guest write an article for industry publications, or attend tradeshows and networking events. You could also start a blog. The goal is to give a headhunter some context to who you are without having to search incredibly hard.

Use this month to take those steps mentioned above to make sure you’re shining bright like the diamond you are so that when the time comes for you to make your next money move, you’re already golden.


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