PROSPERITY - August is a good month to buy a car


With the back-to-school shopping scramble coming soon, there are a lot of discount deals to be found this month. Whether you’ve got kids or not, you can take advantage of offers big ticket and small that will keep you #walletwinning.



Car buyers rejoice


With dealers trying to make room for incoming 2019 inventory, you’ll start to see some great deals roll out prior to Labor Day during the “Summer Sell Down”. Some dealers may offer 0% financing and $0 down, so if you’ve been saving up for this big purchase, go for it because August is a great month to buy a car. If you have your heart set on a certain color, make or model, act quickly to make sure your dream car is still available by the end of the fall. If you’re looking for a luxury vehicle, those tend to go on sale in December; but August would still be a good month to start shopping. You can get an early hint of luxury deals to come or the inside scoop on models that will discontinue by getting out to dealerships now.

House hunting happiness

If you’ve been in the market to buy a house, August just might help you get lucky. With inventory low in most markets lately, finding your forever home has possibly been difficult and downright sad for some of you! With sellers eager to sell and some buyers deterred by real-life things like heat, vacations and back-to-school, the motivation to get out and house hunt can be low in August and September. So, if you’re tenacious, you just might find your home because there are fewer buyers out shopping. While you’re in the process of buying (which I know can be long, but so rewarding), keep up with your credit scores and finances. AND, make sure you’re in the right place mentally and physically to buy and pack up and move.  Moving is a stressful time; you’ll want to enjoy this process as much as possible!

Patio furniture fun

Is your patio deck looking a little depressed after months (or years) of harsh winters and sun damage? August is a good month to get back to a happy face and a happy place. Check Lowes and Target for an opportunity to finally get that cool furniture you’ve been wanting.




Laptop luck

Take a sweep through stores like Best Buy and possibly Costco for student-friendly discounts on laptops. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade or replace your dinosaur laptop, this is your month!

Storage bin & basket beauty

You’re not alone if you get giddy when you see storage bins on sale. With kids going off to college, August is a good month to stock up on bins for cleaning up the garage, basement or closets. Even if you don’t actually tackle the cleaning project this month, now is still an advantageous time to pick up some bins with intentions of getting organized.

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