Feeling like you’re in a rut and need a change? One way to do this without even leaving home is to change your furniture around. You have to be careful when you come into one of my houses not to walk around in the dark. Because if you think you have the room layouts memorized, I guarantee you will be tripping over a stool or a couch that wasn’t there the day before. Moving furniture around when I can’t sleep is a nighttime sport for me. (Those little round furniture sliders make it a piece of cake to move even the heaviest of pieces by yourself). But I was reticent to change my furniture around at our cottage. I’d planned that space out for so long in my mind that when my interior designer swooped in with suggestions on swapping the French Country furniture upstairs with the more relaxed beach vibe furniture downstairs, I felt some kind of way. But I sucked it up and let her have at it. I now reluctantly admit: the new arrangement is growing on me.

How about you? Do you switch things up at home? When was the last time you even thought about it?

If you have insane dents in your rugs or carpets that are older than your children, time to switch things up, sweetie. Because you are literally in a rut.

It really is amazing how making some simple moves to where and how you place furniture can make your space more open, functional, and ultimately glamorous. Like, not everything has to be symmetrical. Try going asymmetrical in your living room, for example, to get a more casual feel.

Here are some before and after shots of my cottage rearrange project:


In the cottage, we even moved paintings and art from one wall to another, and artwork that had previously been ignored suddenly was being commented on! You can also try placing your artwork in a different configuration or change out the frames for some updated ones. If your windows are the same dimensions, consider changing curtains from one bedroom to another, which is a lot cheaper than buying new ones. Simple changes, amazing results. Need more arranging ideas?

  • Feng shui is definitely one tool to use to help you figure out where to place furniture to maximize energy flow in your home.
  • Check out It’s a cool digital floor plan that allows you to map out where you want to put stuff without having to lift anything – except your finger.
  • Here on, a clothing designer rearranged her office space to include clothes from her closet. Rather than keeping heels in the closet, she’s got them hanging super cutey style on the wall. Her strategy freed up space and was aesthetically pleasing.
  • Elle Décor , one of my most favorite mags, has 14 tricks to make your place look bigger. One cool idea is to remember that when you’re rearranging you can have more than one light source in a room. The overhead light is great, but bring in some floor lamps and table lamps to glam up the room. Once you bring them in, they too can be rearranged when you need to breathe change again! (My designer moved my lamps, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. But I like its new home!)
  • Don’t forget the flowers! It took me two hours to move my flowers around the cottage’s great room from one spot to another. I moved one arrangement. Stepped back and observed it in the new space. Then moved it again. Stepped back. Observed. Moved. Stepped back. Observed. You can see how that would take a couple of hours, right? (I know you think I’m neurotic, but honey, I don’t care! I want things to look perfect, and perfection takes time.) Think about where in your home a gorgeous flower arrangement will give you the most bang for the glam buck. The entry foyer, centered on the dining room table, in your home office, or off in a soft corner that needs some love. By the way, go for getting a subscription to flower delivery or invest in some amazing fake flowers that look freshly cut. (I invested in an orchid plant that looks so real it makes you want to water it! Now it cost me $800, so it better look real.) Don’t be afraid of using the flower color to enhance your décor, meaning give it some thought. I love white flowers. They brighten my home and feel elegant and classy. My go-to choices are orchids, hydrangea, peonies, and the ever-lovely long stem white roses.

So what’s our motto? Don’t be afraid of change. Rearrange! Let me know in the comments how it goes for you!


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