PROSPERITY: Girl, Make Your Money Grow!: A Sister's Guide to Protecting Your Future and Enriching Your Life


Let me start with a “Whoop whoop!!” because that’s how much I love Glinda Bridgforth and her book Girl, Make Your Money Grow!: A Sister’s Guide to Protecting Your Future and Enriching Your Life which she co-wrote with Gail Perry-Mason.

Glinda and Gail bring home a really important point that I totally believe in: what you’ve gotta know about this life, the one you’re living right now, is that it’s never too late to get yourself together, whether we’re talking romance, family, health or money. If you want to see a change, you have GOT to start somewhere, and more than that, you have simply got to START. Especially when it comes to getting your head right about investments and making your money grow.

One of the first things the authors talk about is that how we feel about money and our behaviors towards money can shed light on how we manage money. They write, “By taking a closer look at your deepest feelings and opinions – about yourself, your finances and what you feel you deserve in life – you can uproot any beliefs that are holding you back.”

I also love that this book gives real-life examples of other women who have been on the financial struggle bus and overcame their hurdles. And as mentioned, those hurdles aren’t always the physical things like not earning a lot of money; sometimes the hurdle is more about how you handle a financial crisis. If you don’t’ have enough to pay your rent this month due to unforeseen medical bills, do you close the blinds, turn off your ringer and beat yourself up for not having savings, or do you call a bank or a friend for a loan or take some other ACTION that gets you to a place of actually solving the problem?

Girl, Make Your Money Grow! gives you step-by-step plans to help you with goals like building an investment portfolio (ie, not being afraid to invest in the first place), how to create additional streams of revenue, how to buy real estate and how to diminish your debt. With lots of exercises and affirmations (which y’all know I love) and that sister-to-sister tone (ie, keeping it for real for real), this book is truly life-changing. You’ll gain the confidence to take those next steps to get your financial future flowing in the right direction.

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