Summer has been taking its sweet time getting here, hasn’t it?! If your May has been a little gray like it has been for us in the Midwest, then June for real for real is a great month to get into the GROOVE! This is a time to come alive on the inside and the out. Here are a few goodies to get you going: PROSPERITY - VICTORIAS SECRET Do you need a little va-va-voom this month to get your sexy back on track? The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is this month, so you can stock up on all things lace and all things sheer to make you feel groovy. The semi-annual sale usually lasts for about 3–4 weeks, which is oh so awesome, but be sure to get in early if you wear popular sizes or if you’ve been waiting for a particular indulgence item to go on sale. PROSPERITY - COSTA RICA Need a little me time? Or a girl’s get away? Travel is always a good way to get your buttons reset so you can feel like you again. According to Costa Rica Guide, June is a great month to visit this tropical locale before the big tourist rush in July. They mention that accommodations could be discounted up to 20−30%. Sounds like these are at least two good reasons to go and get your beach on this month! PROSPERITY - FISHING For those of you trying to get hooked up on dating sites like and but are getting a little weary of the pursuit, why not go fishing for real? says several states will allow free fishing without a license in certain public bodies of water! What could be better? You can take a break from getting nibbles that go nowhere to taking in a little R&R with fishing that’s drama free. Now all you’ve gotta do is find a pole! PROSPERITY -DONUT By the way, June 2 is National Donut day, so check in with your local Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme to see how they’ll be celebrating this monumental day. In years past, both chains gave out free donuts. Whaaat?! I don’t know about you, but a good donut, especially when it’s free, gets me doing a boogie-down jig from the store to my car. And THAT is groove-tastic.

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