2018 Vision Planner



  • 12 months: January 2018 – December 2018
  • 9” w x 11” h
  • Professionally printed on quality paper
  • Full color throughout
  • 13 blank vision board pages
  • 13 goal setting pages
  • 160 pages total
  • Monthly inspirational quotations

Finally! A sacred, portable space to display your goals and vision boards that reflect your aspirations all in one place. Watch your biggest, most audacious goals – we like to call them Pink Elephants – materialize right before your eyes.

First, you will handwrite your three annual Pink Elephants, and create one annual vision board of images that reflect your goals. Next, each month, you’ll create smaller monthly goals and vision pages that build upon your annual Pink Elephants.  This allows you to slice and dice your annual goals into smaller, more specific tasks – we call these small bites. By checking off your small bites each month as you accomplish them you’ll ensure that you’re staying on track with bringing your big audacious dreams to life!

Let your imagination soar as you create monthly visual collages of images and words that inspire, motivate and propel you toward action. You get what you focus on! Because this is also a daily planner, your vision will literally be at your fingertips each day. As you use your planner throughout the day you’ll impress yourself with how close you are to actualizing your biggest dreams. You’ll have eaten all of your Pink Elephants in no time!


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