Affirmation Cards



  • 90-card glossy deck
  • 4 x 4 quality stock
  • Beautifully designed so you’ll love to use them over and over again.

Sometimes you’re not sure what to do next. That’s OK, just breathe. And know that just the small act of believing you can Eat Pink Elephants makes all the difference in the world. I’ve designed this 90-card deck of vibrant Power cards to prompt you to ask yourself the tough questions that can help pinpoint what’s holding you back; and affirmations that will empower, motivate and propel you upward when you’re feeling stuck.

Whether you’re trying to move up the next rung of happiness with your career, family, prosperity, relationships, looking & living fabulously, or just living a diva luxe life, I believe in your internal power to do so. Tuck them inside your purse, leave them on your beloved’s pillow, or share them with friends to ensure there’s inspiration flowing for everyone. You can do this!


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