Divas, we know that no woman gets anywhere without her posse. There is strength in numbers, and there is no greater power than a team of fabulous women. SO if you have not yet put together your Personal Board of Directors (let’s call them your “PBOD” for short), I suggest you get it together, honey!

My PBOD consists of women primarily from the media industry, most of whom I met while working at the NBC affiliate here in Chicago. They hail primarily from the television, radio, entertainment, advertising, and political sectors. One worked side-by-side with me for more than ten years and knows when I’m faking the funk just by the way I breathe. Another is my pinky-finger-swearin’- hometown-nitty-gritty homie who is the only person who truly knows the depth of my professional pain points over the last three decades. I lean in more towards those who will tell me the truth about what others are saying about me behind my back. You need someone on your team like that. Otherwise, you’re flying solo in the dark.

By definition, we know that a Board of Directors (BOD) is “a recognized group of people who jointly oversee the activities of an organization.” You’re probably on one or two nonprofit or paid boards yourself. So you know how the BOD operates. Yet, I’m often amazed at how many professional women don’t have a PBOD. You need this overarching group of people to guide you through your phases in life. And they don’t always have to be women!

You can create your board out of a need. Are you going through a divorce? Maybe your board is going to be your divorce lawyer, a realtor, a therapist, and a trainer. Perhaps it includes a non-friend divorcee who has been there and done that to help you jump through hoops efficiently without the emotion that will undoubtedly come from a close friend.

Or, you can create your board as a means to advance your career. Do you want to buy out your partner this year? Your PBOD might include an acquisitions lawyer, a high-powered accountant, and an HR executive.

You can make it totally formal by creating a formal contract with these people that lets them know you truly require their advisory services and that you will be calling on them for assistance. Have board meetings where you see them all collectively face-to-face. The power generated from these gatherings will buoy you up to the desired status and footing that you’re working to achieve. Some people start master classes with like-minded others to keep them rising high.

The bottom line is you don’t have to figure all of this out by yourself. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are and earn more money than you do. If you’re the exclusive superstar in your circle, you need to up level. Surrounding yourself with other overachievers gives you something to aspire to, no matter where you fall on the rung of success. One of the reasons I started Powerful Penny LLC was because I recognized that sometimes you find yourself in life situations where you simply don’t know what to do next. A PBOD can help you figure it out. I’ve had my Diva Board for almost sixteen years, and I count on them to keep me Diva-certified.

Now because I love you all so much, I will even offer to be on your PBOD. I’ll honor a vetting conference call to the first two women who message me with a request. If we’re a fit (I mean a real fit, now), I will be on your board for a specified amount of time. Let’s goooo!


      1. Done! I’m sending you an email now, so check your inbox and let’s get things started. But I’m gonna make you do the work now! So come ready.

    1. It’s funny you should use that line — I remember when Meredith said that standing in the scrub room yeeears ago when she was only dating Dr. McDreamy. Lol. But you said the magic words — I’m all in. And like I said to Lisa R — come prepared to do the work. Check your inbox for next steps and let’s get this party started!

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