Whether you’re seeking a tailored keynote address for your global conference, corporate forum, church group, commencement ceremony or need a panelist, I’m known for presenting “WOW!” moments by sharing compelling trends and information in an interactive way that leaves your audience feeling empowered and uplifted. From college lecture halls and commencement ceremonies, to corporate board rooms, employee workshops, professional associations, and major conferences – I do it all with ease, humor and sophistication. I’ll get your audience educated, empowered, excited and on their feet! Who doesn’t want that?

I also provide services for businesses, colleges, high schools, and universities. With my coaching, your students and staff members will learn how to excel and be their best. This coaching dramatically reduces turnover rates, as employees are inspired to work hard and succeed. (Psst, employers…tell the truth, boss-to-boss, isn’t that what we’re all looking for!)

For those who want to also focus on next-leveling their personal lives, my proven 12-step strategies are an efficient (and fun) way to do so. The service is great for professional associations; high schools, colleges and universities; fraternities and sororities; as well as church groups.

Audiences have enjoyed speeches and workshops on the following topics:

  • How To Eat Pink Elephants and Other Goal Setting Strategies
  • Networking in the Workplace and Beyond
  • Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work
  • If You Don’t Ask You Don’t: How to Negotiate Anything
  • How to Get to Your Next Level of Best In Life
  • The Importance of Trusting Your Gut in Your Work Environment
  • Working Mothers: Throw Away Your Cape, Superwoman was Invented by a Man
  • How to Use Anger as Jet Fuel to Improve Your Life
  • Top 10 Things I Wish My 18-Year-Old Self Knew
  • Ladies: Prince Charming Ain’t Coming (You Have to Save Yourself!)
  • Work-Life Balance: A Working Woman’s Unicorn
  • Understanding How to Live and Work With the Millennials We’ve Created
  • How to Get Your Guy to Commit to You
  • Customized Speeches and Presentations for Your Group
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