Event Planners

Whether you’re seeking a tailored keynote address for your global conference, corporate forum, church group, commencement ceremony or need a panelist, Cheryl is the speaker for you. Her interactive style of speaking will leave your audience feeling empowered and uplifted.

Experienced in Giving: Corporate presentations, conference breakout sessions, TED X talks, master classes for employee resource groups and professional associations.

Aspirational Leaders

For those who want to also focus on next-leveling their personal lives, Cheryl’s speeches and strategies are an efficient (and fun) way to do so.

Experienced In Giving: Commencement addresses, college and high school lectures, motivational speeches to social clubs, non-profit organizations, church groups and associations.

Just want to thank you for being our keynote speaker at our 32nd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast, Jan. 15, in Portland, Ore., sponsored by The Skanner Foundation. Your presentation wowed the crowd, as well as people who watched the Facebook livestream and the liveblogging by our staffer. We received impressive audience response to both of those platforms. In addition, we continue to hear positive comments from attendees. As you know, the President and CEO of Oregon Public Broadcasting sent me an email proclaiming said it was the best breakfast ever, and that you are a “great speaker.” That’s quite a compliment.

Bobie Dore Foster

Audiences have enjoyed speeches and workshops on the following topics:

  • How To Network Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • How To Negotiate Like a Bawse
  • 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Career Like a Bawse
  • Masterclass: Recharge Your Life Diva Style
  • Masterclass: 4 Ways to Balance It All Like a BadAss
  • Using Vision Boards To Create A Life You Love
  • Using SMART Goals to Create The Life You Want
  • Understanding (and Living with) the Millennials We’ve Created
  • How to Get Your Guy to Commit
  • Yes You CAN Save Your Stale Relationship!
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