Using corporate coaching techniques I’ve honed over decades I mentor students and entry-level to middle management employees during their first few years in the workforce, as well as people who do not want to live average, ordinary personal lives learn how to excel and be their supreme best.

For those who want to also focus on next-leveling their personal lives, my proven 12-step strategies are an efficient (and fun) way to do so. The service is great for professional associations; high schools, colleges and universities; fraternities and sororities; as well as church

Powerful Penny’s
"Climbing Out of Hell" Series

Everyone faces challenges in life that seem insurmountable. Powerful Penny shows you how to find the right path out of your own personal hell and build a happy, successful life. She’s been through it all herself, and lived to tell the tale. She offers inspirational talks and workshops on a variety of “Climbing Out of Hell” topics, including:

Entry-Level Hell — Powerful Penny literally wrote the book on this one. Her soon to be released book was the impetus behind this interactive workshop. Appropriate for up and coming professionals as well as mid-level managers who can’t seem to get ahead, this workshop has something for everyone. Appropriate for upper classmen or recent college graduates, grad students, Employee Resource Groups, church groups, and Professional Associations.

Single-Girl Hell — Powerful Penny kissed every ugly, gross frog there was. Until she found her knight. This engaging session emphasizes self-love. But also how to avoid the pitfalls of the dating world.

Divorce Hell — What? The ugly frog has the nerve to divorce me?! Powerful Penny thought she had kissed her last frog goodbye when her knight in shining armor rode up on his white horse and proposed. No, really — he literally road up to her house on a white horse and proposed on bended knee in her driveway. But alas, her knight’s armor was rusty. Wonk. Wonk. In this session participants will be guided through the emotional roller coaster and perils of divorce. And how to end the pain quickly.

Obesity Hell — When it came to weight loss, Powerful Penny fell down seven times, got up eight, and was still fat. But look at her now. You too can conquer weight loss! (Spoiler alert: It starts with your mindset).

Audiences have enjoyed speeches and workshops on the following topics:

  • How To Eat Pink Elephants and Other Goal Setting Strategies
  • If You Don’t Ask You Don’t
  • How to Get to Your Next Level In Life
  • The Importance of Trusting Your Gut in Your
  • Work Environment
  • Working Mothers: Throw Away Your Cape, Superwoman was
  • Invented by a Man
  • How to Use Anger as Jet Fuel to Improve Your Life
  • Top 10 Things I Wish My 18-Year-Old Self Knew
  • Ladies: Prince Charming Ain’t Coming (You Have to Save Yourself!)
  • Work-Life Balance: A Working Woman’s Unicorn
  • Understanding (and Living with) the Millennials We’ve Created
  • How to Get Your Guy to Commit to You
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