Whether she’s conducting workshops on “How to Network Out of Your Comfort Zone, “Negotiate Like a Bawse” or “How to Climb Out of Single Woman Hell,” audiences enjoy Cheryl’s fun and engaging style.

She uses the corporate coaching techniques she’s honed over decades to provide meaningful workshops for individuals at all stages of their lives seeking to next-level their careers, relationships and more. Her 12-step strategies are an efficient (and fun) way to help employee resource groups, professional associations, women’s groups, fraternities and sororities, non-profit organizations, and students tackle life’s issues.

"Climbing Out of Hell" Workshop Series

Everyone faces challenges in life that seem insurmountable. Cheryl shows you how to find the right path out of your own personal hell and build a happy, successful life. She’s been through it all herself, and lived to tell the tale. She offers inspirational talks and workshops on a variety of “Climbing Out of Hell” topics, including:

Entry-Level HellCheryl literally wrote the book on this one. Her soon to be released book was the impetus behind this interactive workshop. Appropriate for up and coming professionals as well as mid-level managers who can’t seem to get ahead, this workshop has something for everyone. Appropriate for upper classmen or recent college graduates, grad students, Employee Resource Groups, church groups, and Professional Associations.

Single-Girl HellCheryl kissed every ugly, gross frog there was. Until she found her knight. This engaging session emphasizes self-love. But also how to avoid the pitfalls of the dating world.

Stale Relationship Hell – If the fire and fun has drained from your marriage or long-term relationship and you think your partner hasn’t a clue what it takes to romance you, (which is fine because you’d rather watch TV anyway)… Or your young kids are taking their toll on your couple time … then you MUST gift yourself with this intensively empowering two-hour women-only workshop. You will leave armed with the tools you need to get back on track with the love of your life.

Audiences have enjoyed speeches and workshops on the following topics:

  • How To Network Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • How To Negotiate Like a Bawse
  • 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Career Like a Bawse
  • Masterclass: Recharge Your Life Diva Style
  • Masterclass: 4 Ways to Balance It All Like a BadAss
  • Using Vision Boards To Create A Life You Love
  • Using SMART Goals to Create The Life You Want
  • Understanding (and Living with) the Millennials We’ve Created
  • How to Get Your Guy to Commit
  • Yes You CAN Save Your Stale Relationship!
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