RELATIONSHIP - Spring clean your relationship


If you’ve created your “Spring Cleaning” to-do list, and I hope you’re using your Powerful Penny vision board calendar to do so, then I want you all to add “My Relationship” to that list! Ask anyone who’s been in a relationship over five years, and they’re gonna give you that “Girrrllll…” look, roll of the eye, and a little tongue clicking if you ask her what it’s like to live with her man.  Let’s face it, relationships get old, even when you’re crazy in love. You get tired of dirty socks left by the side of the bed, he gets tired of you putting your dental floss in the toilet instead of the garbage can, you both get tired of looking at each other across the table for yet another dinner of pizza and Cheese Nips. Things get comfortable. Things get TOO comfortable, and then things get old. Why not spring clean your relationship? There can be tons of fun ways that you can go about getting down to this dirty deed. You can go at it together, or go it alone. Either way, done with pleasure, you should arrive at an ecstatic end that could be a sparkling beginning to the next five years of your relationship. Here are three tips to spring clean your relationship:
  1. Make a list and check it thrice – What are some things that get on your nerves? Treat this like a therapy session. Write it down. All of it. No one is going to see this. This list is for your eyes only. After you’ve made your list (who cares if it’s 5 pages long!), you’re gonna sit down with it, go over it a few times, and see what’s really bugging you. Do you get irritated with a capital “I” when he leaves his golf bag by the door instead of getting it in the closet? Is it possible you’re actually irritated because he doesn’t spend time with you, and you’d rather he did? And then you take out your frustration on the golf bag rather than asking for more couple time? If that’s the case, then great! Sweep that item off the “Gets On My Nerves” list and add “Have More Couple Time” to your to-do list. You’ve just Windexed a portion of your grimy relationship window. Keep going.
  2. Get rid of the old, bring in the new – Do you see more of his Hanes and less of his Levi’s? Does he see more of your headwrap and less of your ‘do? Time to dust off your swagger that’s hiding in a closet somewhere and bring sexy back. Suggest a challenge for both of you to “dress up” at least once a week or once a month. This can be a dress up to go out, or it can be a stay-at-home dress up to change up how comfortable you’ve gotten in your dress down. That means that when you walk in the door, you put on a nicer or cuter pair of leggings or sweats instead of your rattiest pair. (In fact, throw those babies out!) Ask him to join the challenge. Get him to throw on some pants when he gets home from a long day of work, instead of his boxers.
  3. Eyes up, phones down – Constantly looking at our phones has gone beyond being a bad habit. For some, it has become a way of life. Looking at your phone does NOT promote intimacy, y’all! With no intimacy, you’ve got nothin’! How do you expect to keep love hot when you’re looking into your phone rather than the eyes of the one you love?  Set a no phone zone – either a designated spot, like the BEDROOM (hello!), or a time, like no phones between 8-9 p.m. Give yourself and your relationship some alone time and get reconnected in the love zone.

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