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I was at the airport waiting to check my bags in for an international flight. I was about to be seriously annoyed because it was taking so daggone long, and I was admittedly cranky. However, what delivered me from my crankitude was the husband and wife duo waiting just in front of me. I had dismissed them earlier because I was in my own funk, and they were keeping me from my goal: the desk. But when the man went to check his watch (he, too, was having a bit of impatient crankitude), I noticed something gleaming in the horrible fluorescent light. It was a cufflink. Simple. Demure. Silver. Square. C’mon now! I wanted to stomp around like I was in church. I kept looking and further gettin’ the Holy Ghost. His brown leather shoes were laced, shined, and soled. (Glory!) He sported a Louis hard-cased suitcase. He wore a simple white-collared shirt and a nice blue blazer with his jeans. (Thank You, Jesus!) I raised my hand high to the heavens lookin’ like I wanted to give that gentleman a high five, because I DID!

A GQ Man is my cup of tea all day long. Why? Because dressing well has become a serious lost art, and we need Sotheby’s and Christie’s on lock to help some of these men understand the value of a great wardrobe game!

If you have a man in your life who can use a bit of sprucing up, by all means, give this man a hand up. Because just like the man at the airport, his wife was looking just as lovely. You want to be a great team, and part of that is looking (and feeling) amazing.

Introduce your man to a tailor, get him a subscription to GQ, Men’s Health, Vanity Fair, Travel and Leisure. (Folks always look on point in these magazines.) Throw in a few catalogues for Porsche, BMW, and TAG Heuer for style. He can learn from example. Also introduce him to a good barber, cobbler, and haberdasher. God is in the details!

Other than my husband, these are my Top 4 Style and Grace Hall of Famers who I love (or loved) to ogle because they are always nattily dressed:

  1. Tony Waller – Walmart
  2. Louis Carr – BET Networks, author
  3. Aaron Walton – Walton/Isaacson Advertising
  4. Ed Bradley (Posthumously) – 60 Minutes

DivaLuxe - GQ Man

There’s no need to do a complete overhaul if he is not willing. Find one main area to upgrade and go for it.  And please use this as a way to get closer, not drive you apart.  Have fun with “Operation Becoming GQ.” If he resists, naturally you’ll love him as he is, and you can enjoy reading those magazines your own damn self! (But no squealing out loud, especially if your man is around. They have sensitive egos.)

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