We help you train and retain

your diverse employees. 


We help you train and retain your diverse employees. 

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In 2021, more than 20 million workers quit their jobs.
The Great Resignation is still real, folks.

African American, Hispanic and women employees have consistently

left companies in higher numbers than their cohorts

and those who remain feel some kind of way!

women are 20% less likely to receive actionable feedback that can contribute to their performance and growth at work.

Women in Workplace Report


of blacks are less likely to view promotions as fair.



McKinsey & Company

of blacks vs. 21% of Whites feel their workplace is not doing enough for Black employees.


Society of Human Resources management


Great because these facts mean we need to talk.

The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to 2x an employee's annual salary! 

The price for you, as a company is too high.

Here’s what happens when you fail to groom diverse talent for growth and leadership:


Employees become disengaged (which is very contagious, trust me)


Your company's public reputation takes a hit and becomes a red flag for potential diverse candidates (people will talk and give major side eye)


Pipeline representation dwindles at subsequent levels of your company


Diverse associates are finding a broken rung in their path from entry-level jobs to managerial roles. 

broken rung theory

The biggest obstacle women face on the path to senior leadership is at the first step up to manager.

Your diverse employees' unique experience in the workplace should be factored into the growth, development and advancement opportunities for your high-achievers.

Now is the perfect time to invest in your existing talent pool.

You need to show them you care

before they tell you they’re leaving.


At Powerful Penny LLC, we help companies with low retention rates confidently train, prepare and promote associates of color. This improves your corporate culture, positively impacts your bottom line and reduces your attrition numbers.

Our strengths-based coaching and soft skills development programs, used in our Signature Coaching Process, help employees identify what's holding them back from having the careers they desire in the companies they love.

We place a particular emphasis on diverse and underserved professionals: ie. women and persons of color.

Hi, I'm Cheryl Grace,

Founding CEO of Powerful Penny LLC, an executive coaching, consulting, and lifestyle firm.

As a Black woman who rose to the executive ranks of corporate America, I understand both sides of the corporate ladder.

I know the frustration of a person of color attempting to climb that ladder.

As a corporate executive, I also know the importance of having a strong bench of qualified, diverse associates to consider for promotions.

I am uniquely positioned to break through the communication barriers between you and your employees that can prevent a positive increase in retention rates and hinder your ability to promote from within.

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Our methods work for employers...

Here's how we're doing it.

Assessing key turnover triggers for your diverse associates.

Helping you identify moments that matter to employees through workshops and Candidly Courageous Conversations (C3).

Identifying soft skills development necessary for any career trajectory.

Aiding in assessing confidence gaps that may be preventing career progress.

Demonstrating how to set and achieve S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Providing coaching and professional development programs that ensure your employees feel valued. Which improves their trust and loyalty with your company.

Here’s who our programs are best for.

Group Coaching

Best For:
Company-identified high potential managerial level employees, ERG members, Union members

1:1 Executive Coaching

Best For:
Company-identified leaders and

(director level and above)


Best For:
Employers with a limited budget seeking to engage large groups of associates for half- and full-day workshops

How we help Employers

We create opportunities that bring high-potentials greater visibility

Which boosts moral inside the company (because employees often feel invisible inside companies).

We help you build stronger teams by facilitating real dialogue between you and your employees

Employers' participation can positively impact talent retention, lead to more effective teams and drive improved productivity.

We ensure cross-verticals are more consistently aligned by fostering more peer-to-peer engagement

Employees across departments can communicate with each other more efficiently.

How this helps your Employees

(Pro-Tip: When employees feel better about themselves, it leads to better retention rates!)

We create faster breakthroughs

Your employees will feel connected with an expert who has walked in their shoes and understands their perspectives and points of view.

We improve performance

Helping employees identify and change behaviors that have previously prevented them from getting the results they desire.

We refine executive presence

Employees leave the program clearly understanding how to present themselves to the world as world-class professionals.

We strengthen relationships

Employees learn how to communicate effectively with their manager (and vice versa), so they're less likely to leave. Employees usually leave managers...not jobs.

Let's make sure you're not behind on creating a culture of growth,

because it's top of mind for your employees every single day that they wake up.

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Our methods work for employees...


I speak for you because I AM you!

As a person of color and former corporate executive, I know the importance of promoting based on skills. Our services work for the betterment of leadership and associates alike. Everyone in the company wins when there is confidence in skill set, mindset and opportunities for growth.

- Cheryl Grace, Founding CEO Powerful Penny LLC


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Employees are ready to feel valued, respected and heard...now,not later.

We hear of companies all the time that believe they‚Äôre a great place for people of color to work ‚ÄĒ but behind closed doors, their employees think otherwise!

Hey, we're not here to judge! But we are here to help.

Know this: Your employees are talking about you.

And if you were a fly on the wall, you'd be shocked.

Because your perspective and
their perspective is often night and day.

Employees rarely share their true
feelings for fear of retaliation.

But as a consulting firm, we can say the things that management needs to hear.

That means I can meet your employees where they are, with my candor, and have the necessary conversations.
(Hopefully, you'll be in the room listening intently!)

But it has to go beyond your ERG, BRG, or Affinity groups talking amongst themselves.

They already know their pain...but do you?

Experienced in coaching entry-level through C-suite,
I can make the connections that help you align with your employees like never before.

The question is, are you ready to align with your diverse employees like never before?

Management can only be so frank with employees to avoid those (pesky!) lawsuits.

But as a consultant, I can say the things that bosses can't.

This means employers can have a greater appreciation for the restrictions employees face
when it comes to promotions and succession planning ‚ÄĒ yet another critical reason why diverse employees leave.

Transparency breeds trust. Trust breeds loyalty.

And loyalty improves retention rates.

It’s a mistake for leaders to only get input through employee surveys and HR. Too often that feedback gets diluted or muddied.

‚ÄĒ Aiko Bethea, Harvard Business Review, 8.29.2020

Let's make sure your employees feel seen and supported,
so that your company can grow.

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