I’ll help you figure it all out…

Hi, I’m Cheryl Grace and I’ve launched www.powerfulpenny.com because I understand you don’t want to live an average, ordinary life. You’re aspirational. But sometimes, well, you just aren’t sure what the heck you’re supposed to do next.

Pink Elephants For Lunch, Anyone?

I’ll help you set and achieve your most audacious and aspirational goals. I call these goals Pink Elephants. And here, with the help of inspirational blogs, power tools, podcasts, speeches, etc., you’ll learn how to eat them, one small bite at a time, toward success….with zero judgement and no side eye.

"I’m the sassy aunt, best friend, mentor you’ve always needed in your life!”



I never hold back on giving it to you straight! Yes, my key note speeches and panelist participation are served up hot and fresh with candor and sass, but mixed with a huge dose of experience and flat out charm.



Let’s start with small bites. Through my workshops and seminars, I’ll train you how to set micro-tactics to accomplish your goals and get to your next level of best for your career, work/life balance, relationships, family and even just how to add more zest to your life!



My dear millennial - I’ve been a corporate executive and mentor for more than two decades, and will happily guide you through how to stand out where you are and figure out “What the heck’s next?!” Services also provided for colleges, universities, and corporate employee resource groups (or anyone of any age who is simply feeling stuck).

“Lawdy, Help Me!” Blogs

Sometimes you need a little help figuring out what the heck you should do next. (Or, how to even start!)

Sigh. So many issues, so little time. But no worries! I happily gift you with a new post every week for those six core areas of your life that often need special attention: Career, Prosperity, Family, Relationships, Looking & Living Fabulously, and Diva Luxe living. That’s six new blogs every. single. week! Wow-worthy, I know.

The point is: you don’t have to figure this stuff out on your own because you’ve come to the right place. Click on the area you need a little direction on today.

Psst: If you’ve been there, done that and can help someone else off the Struggle Bus by sharing, we welcome your comments!

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I’m all about the power tools, honey!  That’s why in addition to my speaking, training and mentoring services I’ve developed affirmation cards, vision planners, webinars and podcasts to ensure you have all the tools you need to be your best self. You can thank me in the morning!