We help corporations develop and retain
your most valued assets - your employees.  

We're a holistic leadership development company specializing in executive coaching, change management and conflict resolution.

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the founding CEO of Powerful Penny LLC.¬†As a Black woman and divorced single mom who rose through the executive ranks of corporate America, I understand that our home and work lives are often inseparable. That's why we take a holistic approach to helping you create a workplace where your most valuable asset‚ÄĒyour¬†employees‚ÄĒcan confidently and courageously advance to the next level while embracing their intersectionality.

Our team of professionals has over 90 years of collective corporate leadership, human resources, and transitional coaching experience. 


  • Help emerging high potentials seamlessly transition to new roles or increase visibility.
  • Act as straight-shooters and trusted advisors for executives who want to overcome a specific plateau.
  • Help managers craft future-focused strategies for themselves and their teams.
  • Help employees manage¬†external challenges that affect their work-life integration to ensure they¬†balance¬†both personal and professional responsibilities effectively.
  • We collaborate with your HR teams to develop conflict resolution and change management strategies, fostering a resilient and adaptable company culture.



Executive or Group Coaching For Employees
Courageously Candid Conversations

Our strategic framework...

Assessing key turnover triggers for your associates.

Helping you identify moments that matter to employees through workshops and Candidly Courageous Conversations (C3).

Pinpointing soft skills gaps crucial for career development and growth.


Evaluating confidence challenges that may be preventing career progress.

Demonstrating how to set and achieve S.M.A.R.T. goals for teams and individuals.

Facilitating change management and conflict resolution workshops to equip teams with easy-to-implement strategies that foster a collaborative culture even during transition.

Building vertical dynamics through Accelerated Employee Empowerment team coaching programs. 

Fostering stronger leaders through 1:1 Executive Coaching 

Our methods work for employers...

In 2021, over 20 million workers joined the "Great Resignation" trend, followed by a rise in "quiet quits" in 2022. By 2023, the "Diversity Ditching" phenomenon further challenged workforce sustainability.


Retaining talent has never been more challenging for corporations.

People of color, women and millennial employees have consistently left companies in higher numbers than their cohorts and those who remain feel some kind of way!

women say they are 20% less likely to receive actionable feedback that can contribute to their performance and growth at work.



Women in Workplace Report

of Blacks are less likely to view promotions as fair.




McKinsey & Company

of workers say a company's "Diversity Ditching" decreases their productivity.




The Muse


These facts mean we need to talk.

 The cost to replace one employee can range from one-half to 2x an employee's annual salary. 
The price for you, as a company is too high.


Our company sponsored coaching and leadership development programs are solution-oriented, provide effective feedback and improve self-leadership capabilities. That, is priceless. 


Here’s what happens when you fail to groom talent for growth and leadership:

Employees become disengaged (which is incredibly contagious).

Pipeline representation dwindles at subsequent levels of your company

Your company's public reputation suffers (prompting skeptical perceptions) serving as a deterrent for high performing potential candidates.

Our methods work for employees...


100% of past participants would recommend the coaching program to their colleagues.

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