Get over past heartache, break the dating cycle, and FIND MR. RIGHT!


Introducing the Finding & Keeping The Love You Deserve Series

If you’re in a quest for love, here’s how you can SUCCESSFULLY attract your mate while being more confident, loving yourself and flirting like a boss!

For fabulous ladies who want long-lasting commitment WITHOUT letting fear and lack of self-confidence hold them back!

This is your opportunity to manifest and CREATE THE LOVE YOU DESERVE!



Just the term alone can seem intimidating and bring back memories we'd rather forget.

The journey to REAL LOVE can be tough at times, and you may experience heartache.

This is something that we all go through.

It doesn't matter if:

  • You've been trapped in a dating cycle with little or no luck.
  • You want to take baby steps and just get back out there. 
  • You're the one who was left or the one who left the relationship.
  • You're a single lady having difficulty finding love.

We have all experienced sorrow and failed relationships at some point in our lives.



It’s absolutely possible FOR YOU to find a loving, committed and healthy relationship.


Hi, I’m Cheryl Grace!

Nice to meet you. I know firsthand that nothing has helped me mature more emotionally, spiritually, mentally and even financially than love. My relationships, breakups and all I've learned about myself as a result have taught me some of the MOST IMPORTANT life lessons.

Once upon a time, every relationship I had was difficult. I felt as if I was drowning in water because there were so many conflicts and the cycle never ended.

One day, I decided to put the hurt behind me and go on with my life.

I learned.
I discovered something new.
I decided to take control of my life.

I worked on myself like I'd never worked before, which led to an EXTRAORDINARY journey of self-discovery and personal development that would CHANGE MY LIFE forever.

I established a solid career, a FABULOUS lifestyle and a network of strong connections.

And when I knew who I was, I attracted the ideal fit for me in my relationships. I no longer settled.

But the GREATEST thing is...

I found the person with whom I wanted to have a full, meaningful and joyful existence. I went from being married and getting divorced after 18 months to dating and getting remarried in 2 years and 9 months flat. And yes, the same thing is POSSIBLE for you!

Since then, my LIFE-CHANGING course has helped thousands of women know their worth and take things to the NEXT LEVEL!

Through this course, I will share what I did, what I’ve learned and my SECRETS to taking control of     relationships. Trust me, it WORKS!

If you want to TAKE ACTION today, I'd be pleased to personally guide you! I’ll walk you through every step!


What Our Clients Say About The Results They Got


In this four-part series, you’ll learn how to go out and intentionally find the love you desire and DESERVE!

Each course builds upon the others, and because I am truly devoted to your success, I want you to have ALL of the tools you need to achieve your objectives when it comes to EMBRACING your new love story.

What's Inside the Course?

  • You’ll receive videos and guides to help you integrate every lesson.

  • You’ll walk away with proven practical tactics and strategies that will help you transform your love life into the relationship you have been longing for.
  • You'll learn how to easily master the transition from “looking" to "dating” to “just married.” 
  • You will break through the thoughts and habits that hold you back, and you'll learn how to find “the one.”
  • You’ll finally make THIS YEAR your year of love!

Here's What You'll Get:

Course 1: The Secret to Creating the Love You Want – Make Yourself Irresistible

  • Introduction to Cheryl’s School of Fabulosity
  • What You’ll Learn/Key Takeaways
  • Cheryl’s Story
  • Feeling Fabulous in Finding Love
  • How Do Bad Boys Get In?
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Changing Your Inner Self-Talk (WIIFM)
  • Identifying Your Superpower
  • Flirting 101

Course 2: Dating in the New Normal – Where to Do It and How to Win at It

  • Creating a Manhunt Strategy
  • How and Where to Meet Men
  • How to Master Online Dating Like a Boss
  • Dating Rules 101
  • Quarantine Dating Ideas and Dating Post-Pandemic
  • Showing Your Fabulosity Virtually

Course 3: How to Move from “Just Dating” to a Committed Relationship

  • The States of Relationships and How to Navigate Them
  • Proven Communication Tips
  • Avoiding the Kiss of Death
  • What to Do if He Disappears or Ghosts
  • When and How to Make a Commitment

Course 4: From Committed Relationship to Marriage: How to Get Your Guy to Propose

  • What Real Marriage Is

  • What Men Want in a Wife

  • 6 Signs You Are Ready for Marriage

  • Signs He’s Ready to Marry You

  • Key Life Steps Before You Say “I Do”


But wait, there are BONUSES for you as well!

You can also be part of the exclusive WE’RE INTENTIONAL ABOUT FINDING & KEEPING LOVE FACEBOOK GROUP. You can exchange ideas and thoughts there, as well as hear from others about how they're doing in this process!

After completing the course, you will have more insights, clarity and a-ha moments about love to determine what adjustments in your life are most needed.

Plus, because Finding & Keeping The Love You Deserve Course is a self-study, at-your-own-pace program, you'll get instant access to all the modules and any extra training resources as soon as you sign up!


"Alright! You've persuaded me."

"So, how much is the investment?"

Here’s how it breaks down:
Course 1: The Secret to Creating the Love You Want – Make Yourself Irresistible ━ $257
Course 2: Dating in the New Normal – Where to Do It and How to Win at It ━ $257
Course 3: How to Move from “Just Dating” to a Committed Relationship ━ $257
Course 4: From Committed Relationship to Marriage: How to Get Your Guy to Propose ━ $257
We’re Intentional About Finding & Keeping Love Facebook Group ━ PRICELESS!

When you break that down, the value adds up to $1,028, BUT we have a special offer just for you!

Get the 4-course bundle for only $411 (save up to 60%)!



Finding & Keeping The Love You Deserve Series is a multifaceted, holistic online course delivered in 4 power-packed mini-workshops the equivalent of 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with me!


Imagine the value you’ll get! 


Other courses hardly ever take you by the hand and guide you through this IN-DEPTH and transformative work. We’ll cover basically EVERYTHING you need to know about dating, relationships and love!



So what’s the investment for me?

With such a COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE course at your disposal, it’s really a STEAL!


Every day, more and more people are taking the first step towards meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

You might be wondering...

Did they just get lucky when it comes to love?

No, they didn't!

They just took the decision to improve their love lives.

They resolved to RECLAIM their power by writing a love story that made their hearts race and their souls sing.

And now it's up to you to make a CHOICE ... right now.

You have three OPTIONS.

Option 1: 

Do nothing and let this opportunity pass!

Allow heartbreak to rule your life and define the types of people you attract. You repeatedly attract partners who are a total mismatch. Later on, when the relationship ends, you question what went wrong. Think about it! Is this the type of love you desire?

Option 2: Only put in half the effort when it comes to dating and relationships

Maybe you listened to your fellow single friends and are convinced that it is enough to totally transform your love life. However, when you apply the surface-level suggestions, you will see that they fall short. And it's because they're designed to provide a short fix rather than long-term enjoyment. Don't you desire lasting improvements in your love life?

Option 3: “I’ve had enough! I deserve BETTER!”

You want things to be different, and you're willing to put in the effort required to have long-term change. You are aware that you deserve to be in a healthy and passionate relationship. You know that having what you want in love is attainable, and you're ready to rewrite your love narrative and build the romantic future of your dreams!

What Our Clients Say About The Results They Got

Your Fabulous Life Is Waiting!

Your Mr. Right does indeed exist! And if finding him is your goal, I’m here to help you in this journey!